Our Senior Management Team
  • Dennis Markey


    Dennis is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and has extensive experience leading public and private sector property organisations, including with one of the largest property portfolios in Europe. Dennis leads our business to achieve value for our shareholder through growth and for our clients through effective service delivery.

Our Leadership Team
  • Simon Barrett

    Head of Commercial

    Simon leads our commercial and business development teams. He leads the development and delivery of our effective Customer Relationship and Key Client Account management strategies.

  • Mark Duggan

    Head of Business Management

    Mark manages our service improvement, process analysis, redesign and change implementation. He is our lead manager for Health and Safety.

  • Matt Hayden

    Head of Facilities Management

    Matt leads our facilities management services for clients including Kent County Council; delivering value for money for clients' property operating expenditure.

  • James Sanderson

    Head of Project Management

    James' team develop funding options, accelerate investment and deliver value for money on capital projects. They make sure projects are delivered on time and to budget.

  • Rob Stebbings

    Head of Finance

    Rob is responsible for our financial management, business analysis and reporting and leads our business support team.

Our Wider Team