Capital Programmes

To deliver new capacity or provide service innovation, public bodies need to act quickly. We understand that successful projects are the result of cooperation between multiple stakeholders. So we create cohesive partnerships that reduce your project risk from the start.

Our approach to planning gets you to the shovel-ready stage sooner, whether your scheme is for school expansion, housebuilding or placemaking.

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Funding bids

As we would with any assignment, we begin by understanding what success looks like, for both you and the awarding authority. When we’re clear on the criteria, we start planning and preparation, which includes creating a compelling reason for your bid based on sound, research-based facts.

Your bid will be reviewed using unemotional decision-making. So it makes sense to find a partner that can apply the same approach. Remember, every bid application is a competition, so you should work with a partner with a winning record.

Programme and project management

Our professional construction project management service uses tried and tested techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from beginning to end, controlling a project's time, cost and quality.

Our Programme and Project Management team can help:

  • Improve the management of project interdependencies
  • Reduce the impact on the business as usual
  • Effectively manage multiple resources within a programme
  • Manage risks, issues and changes across the programme efficiently
  • Focus on definition and management of strategic benefits

Employer’s agent

Gen² provide Employer’s Agent services, acting on behalf of the client as the contract administrator for design and build contracts.

Capital projects

Our Capital Programmes team can help:

  • Shape project policy
  • Develop frameworks
  • Implement public-private partnerships (PPP) or private finance initiatives (PFI)
  • Develop structures that allow private sector bidders to access local and international funds
  • Make sure projects are delivered on time and within budget

How we can support your business:

  • Accelerate the delivery of public sector and infrastructure services
  • Create a strategy for involving the private sector in delivering public services
  • Fund additional necessary infrastructure investment, bearing in mind the need to control public sector borrowing and Maastricht criteria
  • Transfer appropriate risk to the private sector and improve innovation and economic efficiency
  • Achieve competitive value for money procurement
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