Property services that emergency services can rely on

We enable your estate to combine strongly performing assets and value for money to deliver best in class services. Our experience covers specialist technologies and working with facilities that require minimal operational interruption. Our team understands the sensitivity, security and confidential nature of your work.

Case study

Fire & Rescue

We provide bespoke property services that won’t impede the 24/7 operation of your facilities

Our team's experience

  • Kent Fire & Rescue maintenance contract, procurement, negotiation and project management.
  • South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service operational sites, non-operational property, housing and redevelopment asset valuation contract

We’ll make your property portfolio work harder so you can commit more of your income to service delivery.

Our team have worked with blue light services across the country

Our property experts have consulted with a wide range of emergency services including: London Fire Brigade, East Sussex Fire Brigade, Kent Fire Brigade, Surrey Fire & Rescue Service, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service, Kent Police, Sussex Police, Surrey Police and Bedfordshire Police.

In the process we’ve learned to provide support without obstructing the day to day operation of emergency services facilities.

Property is a critical enabler to support emergency service delivery to communities. We understand that your estate needs to be flexible and capable of swift re-configuration to collocate services or enable you to respond to changing demands and specific events like terrorism, flooding, community fire safety and public health.

We can help you create a leaner asset portfolio; maximising cost-effectiveness to enable more of your income to be committed to service delivery.